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Chapters in Books

  • B. Ovadia and Y. Beery, "Statistical analysis as a quantitative basis for DSP architecture design", VLSI Signal Processing, VII, Eds. J. Rabaey, P. M. Chau, J. Eldon, IEEE Press, NY, pp. 93-102, 1994. Link

  • Y. Beery, S. Berger, B. Ovadia, "An application specific DSP for portable applications", VLSI Signal Processing, VI, Eds. L.D.J. Eggermont , P. Dewilde, E. Deprettere, J. van Meerbergen, IEEE Press, NY, pp. 48-56, 1993. Link

  • Y. Kashai and Y. Beery, "Comparing digital neural network architectures", Silicon Architectures for Neural Networks, Eds. M. Sami and J. Calzadilla-Daguerre, Elsevier Science Publishers, Amsterdam, pp. 45-64, 1991.

  • Y. Beery, Z. Shpiro, T. Simchony, L. Shatz, J. Piasetzky, "An efficient variable bit-rate low-delay CELP (VBR-LD-CELP) coder", Chapter 4 in Advances in Speech Coding, Eds. Atal, Cuperman, Gersho, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, pp. 37-46, 1991. Link

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